Benefits on resignation

If a member opts to leave the service of the Sponsor before attaining Early Retirement Age,  they will have the following options in which to draw their benefits:

  • To take the deferred pension (100% of employee’s portion and 100% of employer’s portion of the Accumulated Credit) upon attaining retirement age
  • To take in cash 50% of the Total Accumulated Credit i.e 50% of (employee’s portion plus employer’s portion) while MURBS retains the balance until upon attaining retirement age
  • To transfer 100% of the Total Accumulated Credit to another similar scheme recognized by the Retirement Benefits Authority(RBA)

A member does not have to make an immediate decision as to what option to choose. If at the time of leaving a member has not decided which option they prefer, the member may request the Trustees to retain their benefits in the Scheme. These amounts will continue to earn interest on the same basis as the Member Accounts of Active Members.