Scheme Strategic Plan 2017-2022

The Scheme has developed a new five-year Strategic Plan 2017-2022. The new Strategic Plan focuses on four key areas of improvement including Enhancing governance structures, strengthening administration processes, ensuring compliance with procedures and industry regulations and improving returns on investments.

The development of the 2017-2022 plan emphasizes commitment of the Board of Trustees towards achievement of the Scheme vision 'Strive to provide excellent retirement benefits to members'

Amendments to Regulations

The Board of Trustees is set to review the Trust Deed and Rules to allow members make additional voluntary contributions towards a post-retirement medical cover. This amendment will also allow that a member who has not had sufficient time to save up for the post-retirement cover, can transfer part of their accumulated benefits towards the same. Academic and Administrative Staff early retirement is age 65 and 55 years respectively. Kindly visit the secretariat office to ascertain the way in which payment of your benefits will be made depending on your age.

Eldoret Land Parcel

The Eldoret Land Parcel, which is located in Ngeria, about 20km before Eldoret Town, is currently being subdivided and will soon be put up for sale. Members are encouraged to register their interest in purchasing the same by leaving their telephone numbers with the Secretariat. Once the plots are ready for sale, members will be notified.