Scheme Strategic Plan 2017-2022

The Scheme has developed a new five-year Strategic Plan 2017-2022. The new Strategic Plan focuses on four key areas of improvement including Enhancing governance structures, strengthening administration processes, ensuring compliance with procedures and industry regulations and improving returns on investments.

The development of the 2017-2022 plan emphasizes commitment of the Board of Trustees towards achievement of the Scheme vision 'Strive to provide excellent retirement benefits to members'

Amendments to Regulations

The Board of Trustees is set to review the Trust Deed and Rules to allow members make additional voluntary contributions towards a post-retirement medical cover. This amendment will also allow that a member who has not had sufficient time to save up for the post-retirement cover, can transfer part of their accumulated benefits towards the same. Academic and Administrative Staff early retirement is age 65 and 55 years respectively. Kindly visit the secretariat office to ascertain the way in which payment of your benefits will be made depending on your age.

MURBS Hostel

Accommodation space is available in the MURBS Hostel, which is conveniently located opposite Aga Khan Hospital. The Hostel offers the perfect accommodation spot for students from all walks of life. Security and student comfort are guaranteed. Interested students, both from Maseno University and other institutions, are encouraged to secure a spot in this quiet and serene environment before space runs out.

Storage Charges Levied on Uncollected Title Deeds

The below members, who bought parcels in Mamboleo and Kanyakwar, are asked to collect their title deeds which have remained uncollected at the Scheme offices. A storage fee of Ksh. 500 per month will be levied for all uncollected deeds.

Owners of uncollected title deeds (18040)

  1. Patrick Odiwuor
  2. Owen Ouko Mconyango
  3. Patricia Adhiambo Oduor (2 titles)
  4. Vitalis Ouko Ogilo
  5. Peter Ochieng Muluare
  6. John Kodo Alwala
  7. Peter Ochieng Muluare
  8. Jared Opiyo Ongong'a
  9. Blastus Joseph Owino Owala
  10. Omolo Ongati
  11. Maurice Otieno Odiembo

Owners of uncollected title deeds (22905)

  1. Zedekiah Opiyo Misigah
  2. Elvestone Mwang'ombe Chrispus Zenge
  3. Chrispinous Sheiky Mugela Iteyo
  4. Fredrick Okaka Ouma
  5. Francis Chisikwa Indoshi
  6. Andrew Soi Cherutich
  7. George Mark Onyango
  8. Christine Abungu Mango
  9. Alice Olewe Nyunya
  10. Harun Okello Ogindo
  11. Jacob Ogodo Manyasa Nandi
  12. Juliana Akech Otieno
  13. Flora Gillian Abalo Acaye
  14. Omari Amuka (2 titles)
  15. Maurice Otieno Odiembo
  16. Jackton Oyamo Ng'ielas
  17. Susan Nekesa Manana
  18. Peter Ochieng Muluary
  19. Done Abrams Nyagwalla

Agent Commission Payments for MURBS Building

The Board of Trustees approved payment of commissions to individuals who refer paying tenants to the MURBS Building. This is part of the strategic goal to improve property returns from this asset class. The commission will be an equivalent of one month's rent and will be paid once the tenant has signed the lease documents and paid the full required amount. Members are encouraged to take up the offer and to refer tenants.