Monica Ogada - Pensions Manager
She handles the day to day overall management of the Scheme. She supervises the other administration units and is also the Trust Secretary.

Loice Mwago Theru - Scheme Accountant
She heads the Accounting unit. She ensures that proper accounting standards are upheld in all scheme transactions.

Charles Okore Odeny -
Assistant Accountant
He partners with Scheme Accountant in the Accounting unit. He works closely with Scheme Accountant to ensure that proper accounting standards are upheld.

Samson Okello Owuonda - 
Property Officer
He has been charged with overall maintenance of the Scheme properties as well as driving of the Scheme vehicle.

Alice N. Nyaberi - 
Office Administrator
She is in-charge of front office operations and assists in office administration.

Mark Onyango - ICT and Pensions Officer
He is in-charge of Scheme's ICT Infrastructure and Pensions administration.

Quinter Agar - Procurement and Administration Officer
She is in-charge of Scheme's Supply Chain Management and Office administration.