About Us

Maseno University Retirement Benefits Scheme commenced on 1st September 1990, with the sole purpose of safeguarding retirement benefits of Maseno University Staff.
The Scheme was established through an irrevocable Trust Deed on 26th August 1996 as a contributory defined benefits scheme.
The Scheme was however converted to a defined contribution scheme with a 50% underpin as from 1st July 2004.  The members currently contribute 10% and the University contributes 20% of the basic salary.
The scheme is registered and approved under the Retirement Benefits Act 1997 and complies with all the provisions of the Act. The Scheme is also approved by the Kenya Revenue Authority as an exempt under the Income Tax Act (Cap 470).


What we offer

Maseno University Retirement Benefits Scheme offers a dynamic pool of services around in the pension industry including:.

  • Scheme Administration.
  • Pension Administration.
  • Retirement Benefits Services.

We are committed to providing quality retirement benefits to all our members.